Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a State-Owned Company, Mango is more than just an efficient business; its mandate is to contribute to the upliftment of all South Africans, whether they fly with us or not. Our philosophy – “We all live for one another”– underpins the way we aim to grow our economy and its people. We aim to contribute to our country by making air travel more accessible, being socially active and leading transformation in aviation.

Mango's social development activities are in line with the vision of the National Development Plan and the National Youth Development Plan

These programmes focus on Health and Wellness; Youth Education, Skills Development and Guidance; Entrepreneurship, social enterprise and micro-enterprise development and The Arts. Since 2006, we have supported initiatives in those sectors across the country.


Dreamfields Soccer Programme

We partner with UNICEF to raise funds for township youth and sport development. Giving children a physical outlet and expression for their energy helps keep them focused on education and makes them less susceptible to involvement in criminal activity.

Media Incubation Programme

Mango’s profitable in-flight magazine Mango Juice is published by a black female owned business, Mikateko Media. Mikateko and Mango created a Media Incubation Programme, in which previously disadvantaged young South Africans are provided employment opportunities and skills in design, copywriting, journalism and sales.

Community vegetable gardens

These projects are in line with the National Development Plan’s call for food security and to develop entrepreneurs. Hundreds of people across the country have benefitted. The gardens provide employment opportunities as well as helping agri-entrepreneurs to earn R5 000 a month. People will be able to provide for their own immediate needs but they will be empowered and equipped to improve themselves and their communities in the future.

Joburg Ballet Company

Mango’s support for this organisation includes development dance schools in Tembisa, Soweto, Alexandra and other disadvantaged communities. However, the airline has also collaborated with the ballet to provide opportunities for promoting the art form as well as exposing ballet to larger audiences.

Community co-operative chicken farm

Mango partnered with the Department of Women, Children and People With Disabilities (now incorporated with the Department of Social Development) to assist a community cooperative in Zastron, Free State, to construct and stock a local chicken farming business as well as assisted with training in basic business skills.

Health and Wellness

Mango supports HIV Aids prevention initiatives through the Johns Hopkins Health and Wellness in South Africa programmes. We also support Afrika Tikkun’s health clinics in informal settlements. Without healthy citizens, South African and its economy will struggle to grow and our commitment here, as elsewhere in our CSR programmes, are an investment in our future.


Mango is the most transformed low-cost airline in South Africa with our flight deck transformation programme leading our peers. Our regular Careers Days expose thousands of children from previously disadvantaged communities to the world of aviation. We give those people a vision of hope for the future.

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